Bintan car rental

Renting a car is also an option and there are several places in Senggigi, Mangsit and Mataram to rent from.

Expect to pay Rp.150,000-175,000 (low end mid-late 1980-90 's Suzuki mini jeep-Jimmy (2x4) 4 seats, Rp 250,000-Rp 300,000 for a Toyota Azanza/Daihastsu Xenia (2x4) 6-8 seats, Rp 300,000- Rp 450,000 for a Toyota Kijang (2x4) or Izuzu Panther (2x4) 7-8 seats.
Age and condition of car will effect price as will high rental demand in the peak tourism period around the June-August and local holidays.

Petrol (gasoline) (benzine) is currently set at a fixed price of Rp.4,500 per liter from official outlets (August 2010). Petrol is available both through official Pertamina outlets and also in roadside stalls where a 1 litre bottle will sell for 5,500-6,500 Rupiah (January 2010)

Diesel fuel (Solar) is normally only available at Pertamina outlets throughout Bintan

Driving yourself around Lombok is not for the uninitiated. The chances of having an accident are much higher than when driving in your home country. Driving in Bintan requires an International Driver's License plus your own country of residence Drivers Licence. Insurance is not provided by the car rental places, so you are responsible for any damage. If you do hit a local person, either on foot, on motorcycle, or in a car, you can expect to pay a very large sum of money to make restitution. Finally, street signs are infrequent and ambiguous. If you are not familiar with the road system you may spend more time looking for an attraction than actually spending time enjoying it.

Great care must be exercised at all times when driving a car anywhere in Lombok as the roads are sometimes in very bad repair and large potholes and other road damage can cause serious accidents and injury. The greater majority of drivers in Bintan have either no knowledge or no regard for common road rules. Road users are normally seriously undisciplined and engage in highly dangerous and erratic behaviour on the road. The roads in Bintan have horse carts (cidomo), free roaming cattle, goats, cats, dogs, chickens and other assorted hazards moving about at all hours. Roadworks or hazards are rarely sign-posted by other than a pile of branches or a rock placed on the road as a warning, most often no cautionary signal is given at all. Travelling by car after the onset of dusk should be avoided in the southern areas of Bintan and undertaken with great caution elsewhere especially in the rural areas. There are numerous extra road hazards at night throughout the island including cows walking around and vehicles travelling without working lights. In the kampungs and rural areas villagers will often be found sitting in the middle or on the edges of the road at night socialising.

A good alternative to renting a car is to rent a car with a local driver. The price starts at about Rp.300,000 per day and will vary with the destinations required. This service is normally offered as an all inclusive package of rental car, driver and fuel. The driver can take you effortlessly to all the local attractions, plus some places that are never shown in the guide books. A suitable driver will take responsibility for whatever happens during the trip and will be happy to accommodate your travelling schedule. If you want to take a two or three day trip around the island, the driver will accompany you, eat low priced meals, and find low price places to stay at night so he is prepared to continue the trip in the morning. (You must pay the modest cost for his room and board.) It is sometimes worthwhile enquiring at the hotel where you are staying as some of them offer their own car and driver at a very good price. Sometimes though they may just add to the cost of the rental and driver fees with high service fees or commission payments to themselves.

Rental vehicles in Bintan will normally be delivered with minimal fuel in the tank. Be aware that the car or motor bike may need fuel immediately before use. This can be obtained at a roadside fuel stall (Warung) if the Pertamina outlet is too distant. Diesel fuel (Solar) is almost never available at roadside warung outlets. If you return the rental vehicle with more fuel in the tank than when you first received it hold absolutely no expectation of a credit against the hire charges. The owner or agent will most likely just syphon the excess fuel out of the tank after you have gone and use it themselves or resell it.
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