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Tanjung Pinang

The main town on Bintan is a busy port city and a trading center that hosts some nice sights as well as cheap shopping opportunities. The old part of town is built on ...

Teluk Sebung Village bintan

A must for seafood lovers, Sebung Village is the place to go for the best seafood in Bintan. Served in Kelong-style restaurants, the seafood here is fresh, tasty and highly ...

Trikora Beach bintan

Until around 2000, the only tourist activity along Bintan's east coast was at Trikora Beach, a popular hang-out for local visitors from Tanjung Pinang as well as foreign ...

Banyan Tree Temple

One of the most well known places in Bintan Island, Riau Province is the Banyan Tree Temple. This temple is mentioned in almost all tourist literatures and is considered a “must see” for all ...

Masjid Raya Sultan Mosque

Originally a humble-looking mosque, Masjid Raya Sultan Mosque was built into a grand religious monument by the people of Bintan themselves, using raw materials contributed by the locals and neighbouring ...

Pasar Oleh Oleh

Pasar means market and Oleh-oleh means gift. Thats why this place is called Pasar Oleh-Oleh, the place where you can find any gift about Bali ranging from Balinese food, painting, carving, clothes and etc.This ...

Bintan Elephant Park

The Bintan Elephant Park presents a wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal with these gentle giants.

Penyengat Island

Penyengat Island, 6 kilometers away from Tanjung Pinang, can be reached in 15 minutes by sampan boat. The seat of the powerful Bugis descended viceroys of Riau during the 18th century; Penyengat still bears ...
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